Author: Husna Ilyas Editor: Tethy Ezokanzo Illustrator: Jack Son Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Sari Nursita Origin: Aceh

Amat Mude was the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Alas. He and his mother, the Queen, were banished to the forest by his uncle, Raja Muda, who feared that someday Amat Mude would seize the throne.

Amat Mude grew into a handsome and diligent young man. One day he found the Queen’s hair stick. He used the stick as a hook for fishing in the river.

“Look what I’ve brought, Mom!” Amat Mude handed five big fishes to the Queen.

“Wow, what a big catch you’ve got, my son.”

The Queen immediately cleaned the fishes Amat Mude had caught. When she was about to slice a fish into two, the knife hit something hard in the belly of the fish. To her surprise, she found a golden egg inside. And more golden eggs were found in the rest of the fishes.

Finally, Amat Mude’s mother took his son to a village not far from the forest. There they met a rich merchant, who apparently recognized them as the Queen and the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Alas.

“What brings you and the Prince to this market, Your Highness?” asked the rich merchant, saddened by the condition of Amat Mude and the Queen.

Then the Queen told him how Raja Muda had sent them away. She also mentioned about the golden eggs owned by Amat Mude.

The wealthy merchant brought Amat Mude and the Queen to live with him. He helped Amat Mude sell the golden eggs. He also made a magnificent home for Amat Mude and the Queen.

Thanks to the golden eggs, Amat Mude had become rich. He always helped the needy people in the village where he lived now. Moreover, he kept fishing in the river in the middle of the forest. All the fishes he caught there bore golden eggs. So Amat Mude became richer and richer.

The news about the wealth of Amat Mude was finally heard by Raja Muda. He ordered his guard to capture and bring Amat Mude to him. Raja Muda was amazed to see how Amat Mude had turned into a dashing and handsome young man. Then he had a malicious plan to get rid of Amat Mude forever.

“Amat Mude, would you be kind enough to help me?” asked Raja Muda with a phony sad face. “My wife is currently sick. The physician told me that only ivory palm fruit can cure her. The fruit only grows on an island in the middle of the sea.“

“Very well, Uncle. I will pick the fruit to cure your wife,” replied Amat Mude.

Raja Muda gave a sly smile. He knew exactly that the island in the middle of the ocean was guarded by a giant fish and an enormous dragon. Raja Muda had sent many soldiers to pick the coconuts, but none of them could defeat the dragon. This time, Amat Mude would never be able to go back to the kingdom.

Amat Mude walked for days to get to the waterfront. Up there he mused, thinking about how he could get to the island in the middle of the sea. People said the ocean was inhabited by wild and humongous beasts. Anyone who tried to reach the island would never go back again.

“What are you doing here young man?” a giant fish and a huge dragon suddenly appeared in front of him.

“I am Amat Mude of the Kingdom of Alas. My uncle Raja Muda, who now rules the Kingdom of Alas, has a wife who is seriously ill. I want to help him pick some coconuts on the island to cure her.“

Hearing the name Amat Mude, the humongous animals bowed to salute him. He was surprised to see it.

“Your father was a benevolent king. Your birth was very much coveted by the King. A week after you were born, the King threw a special party to name you,“ said the big dragon.

“Everyone from any races all over the country was invited to the party. So we attended it too,“ said the giant fish.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take you to the island!“ cried the great dragon.

Finally, with the help of the giant fish and the big dragon, Amat Mude managed to get the coconuts for his uncle’s wife.

After his wife was healed, Raja Muda realized how kind and courageous Amat Mude was. Raja Muda finally regretted his evil deeds he had done all this time. He abdicated the throne and recovered the Crown Prince Amat Mude to his rightful place, to be the King of the Kingdom of Alas.


This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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