Author: Fitri Restiana Editor: Tethy Ezokanzo Illustrator: Maman Mantox & Rizky Adeliasari Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin:

“Help! Help! Aminah is missing!”

The people of Tulang Bawang were shocked by the loud scream of a frantic couple running to and fro.

“Calm down, sir, ma’am. Tell me what happened,” the village chief approached and tried to calm them down.

Both parents told him that Aminah, their only daughter, was missing in the river of Tulang Bawang. Somebody saw her pushed by a crocodile.

“Please, sir, save our child. Boo hoo,“ sobbed Aminah’s mother while begging.

Swiftly and directly, the village chief divided the men into groups and instructed that the young and dashing split up to find Aminah. They agreed.  This was not the first incident. There had been many victims who lost in the river Tulang Bawang and nobody was ever found.

Where’s Aminah? Let’s have a look elsewhere. There’s a body lying lifeless in a cave. Yes, she is Aminah.

“Oh, where am I? Mom? Dad? “Aminah brushed her long hair. Her clothes were soaked and very dirty. She took steps, limping, entering deeper into the cave.

“Wh-what’s this?” Aminah was surprised. She took the torch off the wall of the cave. Right in front of her, she saw stacked boxes of jewelry and precious stones. Then in the corner, there was a wooden cabinet with open door. The contents were  multicolored glittering robes. She could only gape and awe. She forgot the reason why she was in the cave.

Suddenly, “Hahahaaa, you must have not seen all of this, right?” A creepy voice echoed.

“Wh… who are you?” Vaguely, a figure approaching the studded jewelry. A crocodile!

“Aaah! Cr-crocodile… D-demon crocodile…  Help…  Help!“  Aminah would have fainted if the crocodile had not not immediately responded.

“Calm down, pretty girl. No need to be afraid. I will not eat you! “The voice of the crocodile was not as harsh as before,” Sit down and listen to me!

As if she was hypnotized, Aminah obeyed the crocodile, despite her fear. “Actually, I was a human. My name is Somad. I was doomed to be a crocodile because of my greed.  I took the treasures of the rich merchant who passed the river Tulang Bawang! These are all I had collected, hahaha…. “

Aminah shuddered to hear the voice of the crocodile.

“But, what do you need this much treasure for? Why would a crocodile need that?“  Aminah ventured to ask.

“Clever girl! I’m not always a crocodile. During a full moon and harvest season, I turn to my original look: A dashing man, the distinguished pirate!

I made a tunnel leading to the village, so I can have fun and buy whatever I want, ha ha ha ha! “This time Aminah has not felt fear again. She was carefully listening to the crocodile’s explanation.

“You must stay here with me!” the crocodile approached Aminah who was standing upright.

“How is that possible, wise crocodile? I won’t do that to my parents. They are old, “ persuaded Aminah.

“No excuses! You have to stay with me! You will feel the joy of having abundant treasure! If you won’t, I’ll eat you up like the rest of them!  Rawr!“ The crocodile seems furious. Its large teeth looked as if to pounce Aminah.

“O… okay, crocodile. I’ll stay here“

Since then, Aminah had lived in the cave. The crocodile spoiled her by providing a variety of luxurious clothes and beautiful jewelry. The fact that Aminah seemed quiet and comfortable, lower down the crocodile’s guard. Once, the crocodile was fast asleep and forgot to close the tunnel with his spell.

“This is a golden opportunity. The harvest season will soon arrive. I must get out before he turns into a human being,” thought Aminah.

Having removed most of the jewelry attached to her body, Aminah tiptoed through the quite long tunnel. On her way out, she ceaselessly pray to God, asking for survival.

When she was about to reach the end of the tunnel, emerged the loud sound of the crocodile. Oh no! The crocodile was pursuing Aminah with tremendous power! Aminah ran and ran.

“Traitor! I will eat you up! “The crocodile rampaged.  Fortunately, Aminah was already outside the tunnel in the middle of the forest. But, she had no idea where to go. The crocodile was getting closer!

Luckily, there was a young hunter to help her. He directed his arrows in the direction of the crocodile. Aminah was saved and went home.

Aminah announced the crocodile’s property shed. The villagers took the treasure to build their village. Thanks to Aminah’s ingenuity, now the people lived prosperously and peacefully.


This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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