Author: Lim Merry Editor: Aan Wulandari Illustrator: Aryani Translator: Krismariana Widyaningsih Proofreader: Ratih Soe Origin: West Kalimantan

“Bura’, let’s go fishing!” called Uhit Miou.

Bura’ was startled. He was daydreaming near a window in his house. “Huh? Pardon, Uhit Miou?”

“Let’s go fishing! To Lluting, Sulling River,” Uhit Miou repeated.

Then the two departed. They had been there often since they were very young. They knew where fishes and shrimps gathered. Before long Bura’ caught a lot of fishes, while Uhit Miou got nothing.

Oh, poor Uhit Miou. I will share my catches with him, Bura’ thought.

However, Uhit Miou got cross. He was envious.

Suddenly, Bura’ stopped.

“What’s up, Bura’?” Uhit Miou asked.

“Look, we have walked this far. Now we almost reach the waterfall,” Bura’ explained. He sheered away from the waterfall.

Uhit Miou took a peek. “It’s so high!” he thought.

“Bura’,” he called. “Look down here. It’s gorgeously beautiful!” He persuaded and pointed down there.

“No! I am scared, Uhit Miou. It’s horrifying!”

“Why are you scared? Look! The water falls wonderfully. Fog arises each time the water falls. And look, there is a little rainbow. The sun beams strike the sprinkling water and make that little rainbow so beautiful. Come here, you must see it by yourself!” Uhit Miau persuaded enthusiastically.

Bura’ was tempted. Uhit Miou was right. The scene was beautiful. The waterfall flew downward and generated waves, and gushed tirelessly. The leaves rustled in the light breeze. In a moment Bura’ forgot about his fear and became careless.


Bura’ fell into the bottom of the waterfall. Instead of helping, Uhit Mio happily took the fishes and shrimps Bura’ had caught.

Bura’ drifted downstream, and passed by the chicks and hen that were pecking seeds. The chicks saw Bura’ and said, “Mom! Bura’ was drifted downstream. Let’s help him!”

The hen shook her head. “Why should we help the humans? They catch us for dinner.”

The chicks did not dare to argue their mother.

Bura’ was drifted again downstream. He passed by the puppies and his mother.

“Mom!” shouted the puppies. “Look, Bura’ was drifted. Let’s help him!”

The mother dog shook her head. “The humans are greedy. We often help them hunt animals. But, do they share their catches with us fairly? No! They give us only the bones. So, why do we help the humans?” explained the puppies.

Like the chicks, the puppies did not dare to argue with their mother.

Bura’ was drifted, passed by the calves and their mother that were grazing in the meadow.

“Look, Mom! That is Bura’. His body was injured. How pity he is. Let’s help him!” asked the calves.

“Kids, why do we bother to help the humans? When their children get married, we become the target of their spear and are slaughtered. Then they made us into serving of the feast,” said the cow, mooed. The calves did not say a word.

Bura’ was drifted downstream and passed by others calves and their mother that were wallowing. “Mom, look! That is Bura. He is drifted in the river. Let’s help him!” said the calves.

“Why do you want to help the humans who often slaughter us? Let it be!” shouted the water buffalo.

The calves kept silent. They did not dare to look at their mother.

“Mom, come here! Look over there,” said the kittens.

“What’s up?” asked the mother.

“Isn’t that Bura’? He is drifted downstream. Let’s help him!”

“Come on, Kids! Let’s help Bura’. Many humans are cruel, but Bura’ is so kind. He never beats us,” said the cat mother.

Then they pulled Bura’ from the river and prayed to God. Thanks to sincere pray of cat mother and her kittens, God deigned to breathe the spirit of life to Bura’.

Bura was thankful to the mother cat and her kittens. Bura’ asked them to live with him. After Bura’ grew up and got married, he always asked his children and grandchildren to be nice to all animals, especially cats.


This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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