Author: Fitria Sulastri Editor: Herlina Sitorus Illustrator: Gilang Permadi Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: Riau

Once upon a time in a kingdom called Gasib in the land of Riau, lived a bold young man who was known for his kindness. He was a commander in the kingdom. His name was Commander Gimpan. His boldness was not only known by the people of Gasib, but also by the neighboring kingdoms. Commander Gimpan made the kingdom Gasib highly respected by other countries. His presence made other young men discouraged.  They would not dare to propose to the king’s daughter Princess Kaca Mayang, despite her beauty and refined manners.

Until one day the King of Aceh intended to propose to the princess despite his old age. He was almost as old as the King of Gasib. The King of Aceh was very confident his proposal would be accepted, because he was a king of great wealth and power. The King of Aceh sent emissaries to propose to Princess Kaca Mayang at the palace of the King of Gasib.

“Your Majesty, my intention is to deliver the words of our king, His Majesty King of Aceh, to propose to your daughter, Princess Kaca Mayang. It would be an honor for us if Your Majesty could accept it,“ said the envoy with respect.

The King of Gasib was surprised to what the messenger had said. The King of Aceh was about the same age as he was, and he already had a wife. But the King of Gasib tried to react calmly to the message from the King of Aceh.

“O messenger of King of Aceh, please convey our gratitude on His Majesty’s good intention. However, my daughter Princess Kaca Mayang is not yet ready to be married, so regretfully we cannot take the offer from the King of Aceh,“ said the King of Gasib with dignity.

After the envoy of King of Aceh left Gasib kingdom, the King of Gasib was worried if the King of Aceh would rage and attack his kingdom. The King of Gasib then ordered Commander Gimpan to improve the domestic security. Commander Gimpan also maintained the security at the border, precisely in Kuala Gasib, Siak River area. That path was usually traversed by those who entered and left the kingdom of Gasib.

Sure enough, after hearing the news of his envoy, the King of Aceh got furious and determined to avenge his embarrassment. The King of Aceh ordered his commanders to prepare an army to attack Gasib. Previously, some spies had already been sent to Gasib to learn the power of the kingdom.

Thanks to the spy, the King of Aceh knew that the channels usually used to reach the kingdom of Gasib, was heavily guarded by Commander Gimpan. Aware of the strength of Commander Gimpan, who always won in every battle, the King of Aceh set a strategy to enter the kingdom of Gasib through different routes.

The sudden attack by the kingdom of Aceh defeated the kingdom of Gasib. The royal commander of Aceh managed to take Princess Kaca Mayang away. Losing his beloved daughter, the king’s heart was broken.  He ordered Commander Gimpan to save his daughter. Commander Gimpan was angry to hear that the Kingdom of Aceh had run amok his country.

Commander Gimpan went toward the kingdom of Aceh. Hearing the arrival of Commander Gimpan to his country, the King of Aceh prepared two big and strong elephants. The King of Aceh was sure that the powerful Commander Gimpan would not be able to compete with the two powerful selected elephants.
However, beyond the King of Aceh’s expectation, Commander Gimpan conquered the two elephants. He did not hurt the elephants at all. He simply stroked them on the head, and both of them did not want to attack him anymore.

Seeing this, the King of Aceh admitted the power of Commander Gimpan. The King of Aceh handed over Princess Kaca Mayang to Commander Gimpan. They went back home to the kingdom of Gasib. However, in the middle of the journey, Princess Kaca Mayang fell ill and could not continue the journey. The princess died before entering the kingdom of Gasib.

The King of Gasib was mournful. He decided to retreat and leave the kingdom of Gasib and moved to Malacca. The King of Gasib ordered Commander Gimpan to take over his duties while he was away.

After having ruled the kingdom of Gasib for a long time, Commander Gimpan also decided to leave the kingdom. He went to an area and built a settlement there. Currently the village was known as Pekanbaru, the Capital of Riau Province. Commander Gimpan’s tomb can be found in the upstream Sail, about 200 meters from the center of the city of Pekanbaru.

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