Author: Mami Veve Editor: Herlina Sitorus Illustrator: Maman Mantox & Purwa Gustira Translator: Agnes Bemoe Proofreader: Ratih Soe Origin: Nias

King Sirao sat restlessly on his throne.  He sighed repeatedly.

“Your Majesty must soon make a decision,” said the Advisor impatiently.

“I love all my nine sons, I cannot choose just one of them to take my place as a king,” said King Sirao.

“But, Your Majesty, rumor has it that they will fight each other to compete for the throne. Your Majesty should not be silent!” urged the Advisor.

“Well, tomorrow when the sun is directly overhead, gather all of the people of this country in the courtyard of the palace, I will announce my decision!” King Sirao commanded.

The next day, all the people gathered in the courtyard. The nine sons of King Sirao also lined up behind the King Sirao. In the middle of the field was a large spear planted to the ground with its pointed end facing up.

“My people, the population of the Kingdom Teteholo Hamo, today I’m going to decide who will succeed me as king. I will hold a contest to choose which of the nine princes would occupy the throne. Whoever makes it to dance on the spear is entitled to succeed me as king. Now let’s start the contest!“ exclaimed King Sirao.

Dano Bauwa Hia, the eldest son of King Sirao got the first turn. He stepped toward the ground nervously. Sweat streamed down his forehead and palms. Dano Bauwa Hia ran and tried to reach the cutting edge that has been planted in the courtyard. But he failed. He was not even able to touch the cutting edge. The sweat on his palms had made the spear slippery.

The second prince named Lakindro Lai, got the next turn. He walked with confidence because he saw his brother’s defeat. Before stepping, Lakindro Lai took a handful of dirt mixed with gravel, then rubbed his palms so they would not be slippery when holding the spear. However, the gravel hurt his hands. Holding back the pain, Lakindro Lai tried to reach the cutting edge, but in vain. Lakindro Lai also failed to reach the cutting edge.

The same thing happened to his other brothers, they all failed.

Came the turn of the youngest son of King Sirao, Balugu Luo Mewona. Before stepping and jumping on top of the cutting edge, he first bowed his head, praying and asking for blessings.

“O the kingdom elders, ancestors of Teteholo Hamo, the King’s father, the queen consort, all the people of Teteholo Hamo, do accompany me while stepping, give me strength. With all your blessings, I shall complete this challenge.”

After asking for the blessings, Luo Mewona held the spear with both hands.  Might and main, he jumped on the cutting edge. With merely two tugs, he came to the end of the spear. Luo Mewona perched on the sharp cutting edge like a rooster. On his head was a crown of gold and Luo Mewona danced like a hawk. While dancing, Luo Mewona greeted all the people gathered in the courtyard. Luo Mewona won the contest and was crowned King.

The other sons of the King Sirao felt ashamed of their defeat. They quickly went home and hid to avoid any encounter with King Sirao, even with all the people. They had been hiding for months.

Until one day, Hia Walangi Adu, the fifth son of King Sirao said, “We cannot continue to hide and be silent, let us go to Father and beg for permission to leave from Teteholo Hamo.”

“Yes, after all, this palace is too narrow for our families, let’s get out of here and build our own kingdoms,” said Dano Bauwa Hia.

The next day, they assembled before King Sirao requesting that they be allowed to go out of the kingdom Teteholo Hamo.

“Father dear, we are embarrassed by our defeat so let us leave the palace. On your power, please drop us off on Tano Niha—Earth,“ pleaded Hia Walangi Adu when facing King Sirao.

King Sirao was miserable to hear the request of his sons, but he could not refuse the request.

“My boys, I’m very fond of you all. Evicting you never once crossed my mind even if you lost the contest I had invented. However, since you all insist, I will grant it. I will bring you to the Tano Niha—Earth. I will also lower crop seeds, animals, musical instruments, jewelry and weapons for you. Go and build your kingdoms on Earth,“ said King Sirao in sadness.


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