Author: Sri Mulyani Editor: Triani Retno Illustrator: Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: Aceh

King Mukhayat Syah, the king of Aceh, gazed at the green sky in the east. He often looked at the green color curiously.

“The green color in the sky you have been looking at, turns out to be the light emmanating from a body of a princess!” a guard reported.

“The princess must be gorgeous, right?” King Mukhayat Syah was more curious.

“Yes, that’s right, my lord. She is the daughter of King Sulaiman, from the Sultanate of Deli. When the princess is playing in the garden or bathing in the river, the sky will reflect the light from her body,“ the guard said convincingly.

Princess Green was really famous for her beauty. She was greatly loved by his people. The princess was the second child of King Sulaiman. Her older brother was Prince Mambang Jazid and her younger brother was Prince Mambang Hayali. Since King Sulaiman died, the empire was led by Prince Mambang Jazid.

The King of the Sultanate of Aceh finally asked for the princess’ hand in marriage. But the King’s daughter refused his proposal.

“I do not want to get married yet, Brother. Besides, I do not know him.“

The king was very offended. In the 15th century, the Sultanate of Aceh had the most powerful forces in the islands of Sumatra. It was highly respected by other kingdoms, including the Sultanate of Deli. Why does Princess Green dare to reject his proposal?

The Troops of the Sultanate of Aceh attacked Sultanate of Deli. But, the first attack was won by the forces of the Sultanate of Deli. The situation further enraged the King Mukhayat Shah.

“Princess Green should be my wife, somehow!” cried the king furiously.

The king and his commander planned a cunning maneuver. The second attack was immediately sent. This time, Aceh Sultanate troops did not use real bullets. The bullets were replaced with Ringgit coins, which were fired at the defense fort of Deli Sultanate. Seeing Ringgit  money abundantly scattered all over, the forces of Deli Sultanate got busy collecting it. They got so inattentive that many of them died.

Deli Sultanate forces was increasingly cornered.  Defeat seemed inevitable. Prince Mambang Hayali then transformed into a cannon. The cannon fired continuously that it became hot, and broken on the front. Deli Sultanate was defeated. Green Princess was very sad for she felt she had made the people suffer.

Before Princess Green was brought to Aceh, Mambang Jazid advised his sister. “Ask him that you want to be placed in a separate room on the ship, my sister, so that he cannot touch you. And the people of Aceh, each one of them, must welcome you with an egg and a handful of rice. When the ship arrives at the dock, the offerings must be tossed into  the sea.“

“Will you help me, Big Brother?” Princess Green asked anxiously.

“I will, Little Sister,” replied the prince to soothe his sister. Then he was gone.

The King is willing to meet the requirements proposed by the Princess.

“The requirements are very simple,” thought the King.

Princess Green was taken by ship to Aceh. Inside the ship, the Princess was constantly crying. She was sad to part with his two brothers.

When the ship almost docked, Aceh people flocked to toss the offerings asked by the Princess. The king smiled in satisfaction. He was happy because he managed to beat the Sultanate of Deli and brought home his beautiful future wife.

Suddenly the wind blew hard, accompanied by heavy rain, Princess Green got off the ship and walked to the shore. The princess whispered her brother’s name, Mambang Jazid. From the bottom of the sea, emerged a giant dragon. The princess quickly walked back to her chamber. It was so chaotic for everyone feared the appearance of the Dragon.

The dragon bit the princess’ chamber with its jaws, and brought Princess Green towards the seabed. The storm stopped, as the sea surface was silent again.

King Mukhayat Syah was numb and dumbfounded. The incident happened quickly. Everyone ran for their lives, including the King, who did not have the courage to save his future wife.

Princess Green and the Dragon, who was actually the incarnation of her brother, are believed to have been on the seabed. While the cannon, which was the incarnation of Prince Mambang Hayali, has been in Maimoon Palace. The cannon is known as “The Fractured Cannon”, which was placed in a small booth, on the right side of the palace. While the fracture is believed to be in Aceh. People say, the cannon often shed water drops when Prince Mambang Hayali is longing for his siblings.

The Maimoon Palace is located in the heart of Medan, North Sumatra, and is still standing strong until now.


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