Author: Eti Rahmi Editor: Aan Wulandari Illustrator: Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: Riau

On the outskirts of the Siak river, there was the kingdom of Gasib. The King of Gasib has only one daughter. She was gorgeous. Her name was Princess Kaca Mayang.

The news about her beauty spread throughout the country. However, not a prince dared to propose, because King Gasib had a valiant commander named Gimpam.

The story about the beauty of the Princess was heard by the King of Aceh. He wanted to take Princess Kaca Mayang as his wife. The King of Aceh then sent two commanders to propose to the princess.

Upon the arrival at the kingdom of Gasib, the commanders conveyed their intention. “Your  Majesty, we were sent by the King of Aceh to ask for Princess Kaca Mayang’s hand,” said the plump commander.

The King of Gasib did not really like the King of Aceh because of his notorious behavior. The King of Gasib replied politely and authoritatively, “Please convey our apologies to the King of Aceh. Princess Kaca Mayang has not intended to get married yet.

“Good lord, we must leave now,” replied the other commander.

Aceh’s royal messengers went home empty-handed. Having heard the commanders’ report that his proposal was rejected, the King of Aceh was offended. He thought the King of Gasib had intentionally insulted him. He then ordered his troops to attack Gasib. The King of Gasib who had an inkling of an attack, told the residents to be alert. Commander Gimpam led the defense around Kuala Gasib around the river Siak.

Apparently, the King of Aceh found out about the preparations done by the King of Gasib. The existence of Commander Gimpam in Kuala Gasib was detected by the spies of the King of Aceh. Secretly, Aceh troops entered Gasib through the land.

When entering the territory of Gasib, the king of Aceh asked a resident he met, “O, young man, would you indicate the location of the kingdom of Gasib?”

Knowing he was dealing with the King of Aceh who wanted to attack their kingdom, the young man replied, “I’m sorry, sir, I do not know.” He would not betray his king.

Feeling cheated, the King of Aceh immediately ordered his men to hit the young man. Under threat and pressure, the young man finally gave the directions to the kingdom of Gasib.

The King of Gasib did not realize the arrival of Aceh troops. He was busy chatting with his family. The King of Aceh attacked Gasib and managed to kidnap Princess Kaca Mayang.

News of the assault and abduction of the princess was immediately reported to Commander Gimpam who was on guard at the waterway. Commander Gimpam hurried back to the palace. In the presence of the King, Commander Gimpam promised to bring Princess Kaca Mayang back to the kingdom of Gasib.

Thus, Commander Gimpam went looking for the princess. Obstacles that he encountered during the trip did not dampen his determination to find Princess Kaca Mayang. He would never return home before he succeeded.

The King of Aceh prepared his troops and two elephants at the gates of his kingdom, to deter Commander Gimpam from entering the palace. However, Commander Gimpam did not flinch one bit. After passing through the fierce battle, finally the formidable Commander Gimpam conquered the two elephants. The King of Aceh was defeated by Commander Gimpam. He managed to take Princess Kaca Mayang away from the palace of Aceh.

On the way to Gasib, precisely in the area of Kuantan, suddenly Princess Kaca Mayang had difficulty breathing due to strong winds and cold weather.

“Commander, please convey my apology to my father the King of Gasib. I can no longer continue this journey,“ said Princess Kaca Mayang haltingly.

“Hang in there, Your Highness. Soon we will get to the palace,“ Commander Gimpam encouraged the princess.

“I-I can’t… hold it anymore, co-comander,” said Princess Kaca Mayang.

Shortly after that, the princess died.

The entire population of Gasib mourned over the death of Princess Kaca Mayang. They flocked to the palace to see their beloved princess for the last time. The princess’s body was buried in Gasib.

Since the death of his daughter, the king of Gasib had always looked gloomy. When he could not hold his longing for her, the King would shed tears. To make himself feel better, he decided to retire abroad, on Mount Ledang in Malacca. He entrusted the reins of leadership to commander Gimpam.

Under the leadership of Commander Gimpam, the kingdom of Gasib grew rapidly. However, Commander Gimpam did not want to be greedy and rank oriented. He did not want to be happy over the misery of others. So, he eventually left Gasib, and established a new settlement named Pekanbaru.

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