Author: Ika Maya Susanti Editor: Tethy Ezokanzo Illustrator: Rita Agustina & Susy Suzanna Translator: Ratih Soe Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: Riau

Lord Mendu and Lord Angkara were the two sons of Lord Semandung Dewa, the king of heaven. All this time, the two brothers had been so anxious to descend to the earth.

“Look, isn’t it fun to live on earth?” said Lord Mendu to his little brother.

Lord Angkara nodded, agreeing with his big brother. While relaxing, they both observed the variety of life on earth.

“What if we jaunt to the earth, Big Brother?”

Lord Mendu sighed. “Ah, I’ve asked Father about it. He yelled at me instead. He said we should not go down because there are a lot of bad things there. “

Lord Angkara’s face grimed directly. He had already imagined how much fun they would have if he and his brother could go down and play on earth.

Secretly, Lord Mendu planned to descend to the earth alone, without inviting his little brother. His desire to go down to the earth was so strong.

“I’m going down alone. I do not want Angkara to be scolded by Father like I was,“ thought Lord Mendu.

One day, Lord Mendu actually carried out his plan. Having descended to the earth, he was stranded in the wilderness at the peak of Mount Mencerne. That place has never been visited by human.

Meanwhile, the family of Lord Mendu was confused because they had not seen Lord Mendu for several days.

“He must have descended to the earth!” cried  Lord Mendu’s father furiously. He then sent Lord Angkara to descend to the earth to look for his big brother.

When Lord Angkara went after Lord Mendu to the earth, he was also stranded on Mount Mencerne. But he couldn’t find his brother immediately. For weeks, he had been wandering in the woods to search for Lord Mendu.

Once the two finally met. Unfortunately, both their physical appearances had changed. Since descended into the earth, they looked different. Consequently, Lord Mendu and Lord Angkara did not recognize each other.

“Who are you?” asked Lord Mendu to Lord Angkara. He felt that the man in front of him had been following him since some time earlier.

Lord Angkara could not answer that question. He thought, it was not possible to reveal his identity as the son of god to an ordinary human. Since he saw this man, who was actually Lord Mendu, he  deliberately followed him. Actually, Lord Angkara’s intention was merely to make friends.

“Hey, why didn’t you reply?” Barked god Mendu.

Lord Angkara’s long silence annoyed Lord Mendu. He then attacked the person who was actually his own little brother. Lord Mendu’s raid ignited Lord Angkara’s counterattack. A fierce battle between Lord Mendu and Lord Angkara finally happened.

The two sons of Lord Semandung Dewa had equal magical power. They kept fighting for a few days. Occasionally they agreed to rest. However, when the energy was recovered, they returned to fight. Both wanted to prove themselves as the most powerful. The battle that raged for several days put both of them in critical condition.

In the midst of almost unbearable pain and exhaustion, Lord Mendu shouted to the sky, “If I were really Lord Mendu, the son of Lord Semandung Dewa in heaven, help me to conquer this enemy!”

Before long, Lord Angkara also shouted, staring at the sky, “If I were truly Lord Angkara, the son of Lord Semandung Dewa in heaven, help me to conquer this enemy!”

Having uttered those words together, they immediately felt shocked. Immediately, they approached and embraced each other.

“Forgive me, Big Brother, I did not recognize you earlier,” regreted Lord Angkara.

“That is fine. If I knew you were my little brother, I wouldn’t have attacked you,“ replied Lord Mendu.

Both of them felt sorry for not obeying the words of their father and decided to descend to the earth.  As the result, they had to bear the consequences.

“Big Brother.  We just met but we fight for a few days.”

“Father was indeed true. Life on earth is unlike in heaven,” murmured Lord Mendu.


This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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