Author: Mum Mukholi Editor: Aan Wulandari Illustrator: Translator: Erna Fitrini Proofreader: Ratih Soe Origin: West Sumatera

Lindung Bulan was a beautiful woman. She had two children, a boy and a girl, Rambun Pamenan and Reno Pinang. After her husband died, Lindung Bulan took care of her own children who were still small.

One day, Raja Angek Garang, a fierce king from Negeri Terusan Cermin heard the beauty of Lindung Bulan. The king wanted to marry Lindung Bulan. PalimoTudang, the royal warrior was sent to bring Lindung Bulan to the palace.

Palimo arrived at LindungBulan’s home. “Come with me, Lindung Bulan. The king wants you to be his wife,”said PalimoTudang.

“No. I do not want to go. I do not want to get married again. I just want to take care of my children alone,” Lindung Bulan pleaded.

PalimoTudang forced her. Lindung Bulan kept refusing to go. Finally, she was kidnapped and taken to the palace.

The king asked her to be his wife. Lindung Bulan did not want to be his wife. Lindung Bulan was put in a jail. She was locked up for years, away from her children.

Without the care of their mother, Rambun and Reno grew into teenagers. One day, while Rambun was looking for some spotted doves, he met a hunter named Alang Bengkeh. After chatting, Alang Bengkeh knew that Rambun was the son of Lindung Bulan. He told Rambun that his mother was kidnapped by the king, Raja Angek Garang.

At home, Rambun told the story tohis elder sister. “Sis, it turns out that mother is imprisoned by Raja Angek Garang.”

“Yes, brother. I know it. However, I could not tell you. You would be very sad,” Reno explained.

“From now on, I’m going to practice fighting. I’ll take Mother home,” said Rambun firmly.

Negeri Terusan Cermin was located across the wilderness. However, nobody knew where the wilderness was. Rambun went into the forest, but he did not find what he was looking for. He ran out of food. Soon, he arrived at a farm on the edge of the forest. He took a rest. Rambun also asked for a job from the farm owner.

Rambun was a diligent young man. The farm owner was amazed at him. When Rambun talked about his goal, the farm owner said, “You took wrong directions, young man. You should go to the forest in the west. ”

A few days later, Rambun left. The farm owner gave him a cane named, Manau Sungsang.

In the middle of the road, Rambun saw a large snake wrapped around a forester. Rambun wanted to help, but he was confused.  He did not know the way to help him. Suddenly he remembered Manau Sungsang, the cane. He used the cane to hit the snake.

“Thank you, young man.How can I return your kindness?”asked the forester.

“Please show me where Negeri Terusan Cermin is,” said Rambun.

“Well, I’ll bring you there.”

Swoosh…  The forester sped away. The forester had a  supernatural power. He was able to fly, soaring like an eagle. Rambun was lowered at the edge of a village.

Rambun was very hungry. He kept walking until he came at a food stall. Rambun did not have money to buy food. Finally, he worked and got food as his wage. Rambun was so diligent that the food stall owner liked him. He was given new clothes to replace his worn out and torn clothes.

A few days later, Rambun stopped working. He went to the kingdom of Raja Angek Garang.

He arrived at the gate of the kingdom.

“Hi, who are you?” a royal warrior shouted at him.

“I am Rambun Pamenan. I come to release my mother, Lindung Bulan,” said Rambun.

“Hahaha. Hey friends, this kid wants to save his mother. He’s really looking for trouble.” The warrior talked to his friends while laughing.

A fight occurred. Rambun began to run out of energy. Suddenly, he remembered the magic cane. Bang… bang… he used the cane to hit the warriors. They ran away in pain.

Palimo Tadung came. Rambun fought against him. He used the cane to hit Palimo Tadung. He fell down and fainted.

Raja Angek Garang heard the fight. The king came to attack Rambun. Somehow, Rambun’s cane could not hit the king’s sword. When Raja Angek raised his sword high, Rambun jumped and hit several parts of the king’s body. Finally, the king did not move anymore.

Soon Rambun looked for his mother. He found his motherchained.Lindung Bulan was skinny. She got sunken eyes. It was far different from what his sister told him that his mother was very beautiful.

He hugged his mother. “Mother, it’s me, your son, Rambun Pamenan.”

“My Son? Rambun Pamenan? You’re big, Son.” Lindung Bulan cried and hugged her son tightly.

“Yes, Mother. Let’s go home. Sister is waiting at home,”Rambun answered.

Rambun finally reunited with his mother and sister.


This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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