Author: Maftuha Jalal Editor: Triani Retno A Illustrator: Maman Mantox & Purwa Gustira Translator: Maharani Aulia Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: East Java

Dewi Anjarwati stood in front of the mirror. She was wearing a white veil, a gift from her husband. Her hair that was used to flow down to her shoulder now covered with the veil. Only a few strand of hair on her forehead left uncovered and swung by the blowing wind.

“Can’t you postpone your travel, Dear?” asked Dewi Anjarwati’s mother while putting rice into a rantang. She fanned the hot rice with a caping to cool it down.

Dewi Anjarwati turned around and walked toward her mother. She took her mother’s hands. “I’m sorry, Mother. This time Kang Mas Baron and I should go. It is best to travel during dry season. Kang Mas said that the road to Mount Anjasmoro is somewhat steep.”

Dewi Anjarwati’s mother sighed. It was hard for her to let her only daughter go. She knew that Dewi Anjarwati would be accompanied by her husband, Raden Baron Kusumo, a supernatural figure from Mount Anjasmoro. Yet she was afraid that something bad would happen to her daughter, considering they just got married for selapan, or thirty five days.

“Alright. If you should go now, then your father and I will let you go. Travel safely!” said Mother.

Dewi Anjarwati smiled and hugged her mother. “Thank you, Mother” she said softly.

Having her parents’ permission, Dewi Anjarwati and her husband departed to Mount Anjasmoro. They first had to go down Mount Kawi before crossing the island and passing through a village in the east side of Java. If there were no obstacles, they would reach Mount Anjasmoro in five days.

They had gone through half of the  journey. This was the first time for Dewi Anjarwati to have a long journey so she was exhausted. She perspired a lot that her veil got wet. Her sweat dripped from her forehead to her cheeks. Seeing this, Raden Baron Kusumo decided to stop and rest for a while.

“Kang Parjo, you would better come with me to get some water. Everyone please take a rest here and please take care of my wife,” said Raden Baron Kusumo to a group of punakawan that accompanied him.

After saying good bye to her wife, Raden Baron Kusumo and Parjo went to find water springs. They actually had heard the sound of splashing water from their resting place. Soon, that splashing  sound became louder. Apparently that was the sound of  a coban or a waterfall. Their thirst and exhaustion vanished when they got closer to the coban.

When they finished enjoying the beautiful view around coban, Raden Baron Kusumo and Parjo returned to their resting place. They carried jugs filled with water.

Twenty steps away from their resting place, Raden Baron Kusumo saw a strange man bothering his wife. All punakawan tried to protect her, but the sturdy man seemed to be persistent. Raden Baron Kusumo approached him to save his wife.

“Hey, Kisanak! Stay away from my wife! Don’t you dare moving closer!” shouted Raden Baron Kusumo.

The strange man startled hearing Raden Baron Kusumo’s rumbling voice. But then he laughed. “Ha-ha-ha. Who are you, young man? You know who I am, don’t you? I am Joko Lelono,” he said in a louder voice while patting his chest.

Joko Lelono’s smile terribly annoyed Raden Baron Kusumo. “Stay away from her, or you will have to take the consequences,” snarled Raden Baron Kusumo.

Joko Lelono felt challenged. He wanted to fist-fight Raden Baron Kusumo but he failed. Raden Baron Kusumo dodged him quickly.

“You want to fist-fight me? Come on, guy,” said Raden Baron Kusumo in anger.

“Don’t, Kang Mas! Don’t! It’s useless to fight with a man like him,” shouted Dewi Anjarwati. She was worried seeing her husband wanted to have a fight.

Raden Baron Kusumo did not respond to his wife’s warning. To him, this hostility hurt his pride as a husband.

“Parjo, take my wife and the rest of punakawan to a safer place!” ordered Raden Baron Kusumo. “I’ll finish this first.”

Dewi Anjarwati’s legs felt limp. She did not want something bad happened to her husband. However, she could not keep him from fighting. She continued the journey with punakawan as told by her husband.

Near the coban, Dewi Anjarwati sat on a big rock. She bursted into tears. She wept over the person who just became her husband for only 35 days.

“If only I listened to my parents, this terrible incident would not happen,” she regretted herself.

It is no use crying over spilled milk. Something unpleasant had happened and it could not be undone. Praying was the only thing to do. Dewi Anjarwati prayed in silence. She wished all the best for her husband. After a while, feeling exhausted and sad she fell asleep on the rock.

Dewi Anjarwati woke up at dawn. Then she heard from Parjo that her husband had passed away. It was a no-win situation and even Joko Lelono was dead. Dewi Anjarwati became a widow since then.
Afterwards, the waterfall where Dewi Anjarwati hid and rested known as Coban Rondo. Coban means waterfall, while Rondo means widow. Today, many people visit Coban Rondo as it is known as one of beautiful tourism sites in Malang, East Java.

This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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