Author: Kalya Innovie Editor: Aan Wulandari Illustrator: Maman Mantox Translator: Maharani Aulia Proofreader: Dameria Damayanti Origin: East Java

Heaven was in a tumult. Something made a jolt, like an earthquake. There was a lightning bolt and thunder by turns.

Viewed from heaven, there was an object from the earth up, up, and away. The top of the object almost hit the boundary of heaven.

“For heaven’s sake, what happened?” wondered Bidadari Biru (Blue Fairy) while managing to keep her balance.

“Bidadari Biru, hurry up! Batara Guru called us!” said Bidadari Kuning (Yellow Fairy).

Bidadari Biru left for the heaven’s hall in a hurry. There were gods, with Batara Guru, their leader, was thinking about something. Bidadari Biru joined other fairies that already there.

“Troubles happened because of Prince Arjuna’s action,” explained Batara Guru.

Apparently Prince Arjuna was meditating in order to acquire more magical powers. His devoutness while doing that radiated the glowing gleam of light from his body. His supernatural powers made the mount where he meditated lifted up so it approached the boundary of heaven.

“I have told him to stop meditate, but he did not hear me!” scolded Batara Guru.

“What should we do, Batara Guru?”

“We should stop him. You, seven fairies, just descend to the earth. Dance in front of him and distract him!”

The seven fairies took up their duty. They descended from the heaven and started to dance. In front of Prince Arjuna, they danced beautifully. It was an amazing dance, not an ordinary dance people used to see down on earth. But it did not work. Prince Arjuna could not be distracted even for a while. He was so determined to get more supernatural powers. He even ignored Batara Guru’s warning.

“What can we do now? We all have danced but he kept still,” grumbled Bidadari Merah (Red Fairy).

“We better go home,” said Bidadari Biru.

The fairies angels flew back to the heaven. They felt ashamed for not succeeded on duty.

Batara Guru did not run out of ideas. He sent an invisible being with a terrifying face to scare Prince Arjuna. But this attempt still could not shake the prince’s determination.

The last attempt Batara Guru tried was asking for help from Batara Semar. Batara Semar was a demigod and lived on earth. He had been raising Prince Arjuna and four brothers since they were kids. He was so sure Batara Semar had a special trick to wake Prince Arjuna up.

“Hope Batara Semar could do the best,” prayed Bidadari Biru. She looked very much concerned about this trouble.

Batara Semar asked for help from Batara Togog. Batara Togog was a demigod lived on earth, too. Soon they went to the mountain where Prince Arjuna meditated. After a short discussion, they both did the same as Prince Arjuna did.

Having supernatural powers, too, their bodies grew bigger, as big as a mountain. Both stood in the same side where Prince Arjuna was. They tried to cut off the mountain on the top for it almost reached the heaven.

“Come on, Togog. Just throw away this part. It’s hazardous,” said Batara Semar. They throw away the part of the mountain cut and it caused a big thud, and a tumultuous and deafening thunder.

The whole heaven looked down to this phenomenon in an astonishing gaze. They were safe from the mountain top aggression for a while. Bidadari Biru was grateful for that better situation while still looking the next.

“What kind of sound is it?” asked Prince Arjuna when he woke up from his meditation. Now with their normal figures Batara Semar anda Batara Togog came close to the prince.

“Excuse us, Prince Arjuna,” said Batara Semar.

“Your meditation could make a great disaster if you go on. You better stop it now.”

Prince Arjuna looked down in the distance. There was a new mountain created by his act. He realized his fault that very instance and said he was so sorry to Batara Semar and Batara Togog. He also apologized to all heaven’s inhabitants.

Years later, Bidadari Biru still remembered that occasion every time she descended to the earth with other fairies after the rain. She smiled looking at Prince Arjuna after coloring the sky and made it into a rainbow. That was why the mountain named after. On the other side there was a smaller mountain, named Gunung Wukir (Mount Wukir). It was from the part cut of Mount Arjuna. The two mounts are now located in Malang, East Java.



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