Author: Anisa Wijayanti Editor: Aan Wulandari Illustrator: Dameria Damayanti Translator: Dameria Damayanti Proofreader: Ratih Soe Origin: North Sumatera

The sun was shining very brightly that day. It was as if it wanted to show off its power. In the middle of the rice field, Mr. Toba wiped off his drizzling sweat. Nevertheless, his body kept getting wet from the sweat.

“Graaaawr… graaawr,” Mr. Toba’s stomach rumbled loudly. He was very hungry.

“If only I had a wife, surely she would have brought me a packed lunch everyday,” Mr. Toba muttered to himself.
The hunger and exhaustion Mr. Toba felt was so unbearable that he immediately stopped working. He rushed to the river to get some fish. He hoped he could grill some for his lunch.

Mr. Toba had waited for so long, before finally a huge fish ate his fishing bait. Mr. Toba was very delighted knowing his stomach soon would be full. Without further ado, Mr. Toba took the fish home to his hut in the suburb.

Mr. Toba planned to light a fire for grilling the fish, as soon as he arrived home. Unfortunately, he ran out of firewood. “Let me get myself some woods first from the farm,” he muttered.

When he returned with the woods, he was very surprised seeing a full course lunch in his kitchen.

After that, came out a beautiful maiden greeting him warmly, “Enjoy your lunch, Mr. Toba.”

Without a second thought, Mr. Toba ate all the delicious meal that was cooked by the beautiful maiden.
While Mr. Toba was enjoying his lunch, the beautiful maiden looked at him happily and said “You look very hungry.”

Now that Mr. Toba felt full, he started to ask the beautiful maiden about her origin.

The maiden told Mr. Toba that she was actually the fish he caught. Mr. Toba was shocked.

Seeing her beautiful face and impressive cooking skill, Mr. Toba proposed her to become his wife. The Fish Princess willingly accepted the proposal with one condition: Mr. Toba was not allowed to call her Fish Princess and to reveal her true identity to anyone. Mr. Toba agreed.

They then got married and had a child named Samosir.

One day, his wife asked Samosir to deliver a packed lunch for Mr. Toba who was working at the field at that moment. On the way to the field, Samosir felt hungry. He then ate most of the packed lunch until there were only a little bit of rice and vegetables left.

Mr Toba, who was very hungry, became furious when finding out that most of his meal had been eaten by his son. Mr. Toba then scolded him harshly, “You silly son of a fish!”

Samosir cried. He couldn’t accept being mocked a son of a fish. He ran home and told his mother about this.

“Boohoo, Father mocked me.  He said I was a son of a fish, Mother,” said Samosir to his mother at home.

“What? Father said that to you?” The Fish Princess outraged. “My son, go to the highest hill in this village and safe yourself!” said the Fish Princess.

Samosir did what his mother instructed him to do right away. He asked his friend Lamtiur to go with him to the highest hill.

The Fish Princess was very disappointed for Mr. Toba couldn’t keep his promise. She instantly jumped into the river and changed her form into a huge fish. Not long after that, a flash flood flushed the village. Mr. Toba, who was working at the field at that moment, could not survive the flood.

Mr. Toba was drowned. The village was filled with water. The only survivors were Samosir and Lamtiur. At last, Samosir and Lamtiur lived together in the island and built a family. The drowned village now is known as Lake Toba, while the island in the middle of the lake is known as Samosir Island.

This post is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.

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